The Miljeteig Sisters

We are two Norwegian sisters crafting our way through life. We love handmade arts and creative expression, colors, natural materials and cuddly animals with big personalities.

This is reflected in our very first book, Babydilla, that will be released in August 2017.

Most of the tutorials on this webpage are in Norwegian. However, on our Etsy site, you can find tutorials in English.


In August 2017, we will release our very first hobby tutorial book: Babydilla.

This book is in Norwegian, and there you can learn to crochet, sew and knit lots of accessories to the youngest member of your family.

There are patterns for crochet ducks and sheep, cuddly foxes and whales that you can sew, and cozy blankets in lots of different styles.

Etsy and Epla shop

We have two different web shops: one at Etsy, filled with patterns for handmade stuff that you can make yourself, and one at the Norwegian page Epla. At Epla you can buy crafts handmade by us.

Visit our Etsy pattern shop here.

Visit our Epla handmade crafts shop here.


Email: sostrenemiljeteig[at]

Instagram: @sostrenemiljeteig

Facebook: /sostrenemiljeteig

Telephone: +47 916 99 854